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[audio]Decayed Race - Demo (2011) - Decayed Race
RERECORDED AND MIXED BY DXRX @ BAND'S PRACTICE SPACE IN THE WOODS; SAN MARCOS TX// 9-30-11. All songs by DxRx. Demo Cassette Tapes /75 out December 2011. Thanks to : Petetheripper (Sore Throat, Nausea, and Headache Blog), Micheal Jones, Ava Sargent, Liia Thrasher, Russell Williams, Corey Guenther, Matt Needles//CHEST PAIN, and The Court of Slamalot....
Keywords: Decayed Race
Downloads: 92
[audio]So Called Space Age 5 - Raven J
The 5th episode of the "So Called Space Age" podcast. Raven talks about Amy's Ashes, and Black Deep White...again! A couple friends call in to chat. And Raven rambles on and on and on....
Keywords: RavenJ; Amy's Ashes; Black Deep White; Decayed Beauty; Simply Photo
Downloads: 14
[texts]MANGA: Black Wind Chapter 01
MANGA: Black Wind Chapter 01
Keywords: witch; witches; claudia; humans; searching; town; decayed; swite; lsi; corfsipf
Downloads: 17
[texts]Fawcett Comics: Dennis the Menace 114 (Hallden-Fawcett) (1971)
Fawcett Comics: Dennis the Menace 114 (Hallden-Fawcett) (1971)
Keywords: healthy; ecniha; color; havf; eoupse; fcewth; dowa; decayed; bruehma; afterevery
Downloads: 24
[audio][AB]-094 WOR.M.PIG / Nihilistic Front / Tassilo Kaminsky - 3 way split (2011)
24.02.11: New destructive power electronics/noise 3 way split! -Decayed Society- is gathering of three projects â WOR.M.PIG (Russia, power electronics/noise), Nihilistic Front (Bulgaria, harsh noise) and Tassilo Kaminsky (Germany, HNW)! Black-white covers, distorted vocals, walls of noise, topics for war, world pollution, diseases, degeneration of mankind! All tracks are mastered by a-m_e|k http://www.myspace.com/pissdeads аbandonment.label@gmail.com http://www.myspace.com/tassilokaminsky http...
Keywords: WOR.M.PIG; Nihilistic Front; Tassilo Kaminsky; Decayed Society; Power Electronics/Noise; Harsh Noise; HNW; ABANDONMENT
Downloads: 275
[texts]BSTJ 41: 6. November 1962: Scheduling of Pole Line Inspections. (Roberts, S.W.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 41: 6. November 1962 pp 1737-1758. Scheduling of Pole Line Inspections. (Roberts, S.W.)
Keywords: poles; pole; lognormal; distribution; lifetime; decayed; decay; inspections; inspection; failure; pine poles; average physical; southern pine; lognormal distribution; physical lifetime; system technical; pole lines; failure rate; bell system; cent decayed
Downloads: 20
[audio]TFR546 - Spawned From Hate - Withered & Decayed - Spawned From Hate
Spawned From Hate - Withered & Decayed 01 - Withered & Decayed 02 - Aphyxiate 03 - Empty Grave 04 - Biotech Contagion Spawned From Hate Dan Phipps - Vocals Lee Foley - Guitars/Drum Programming Scott Smith - Guitars Dave Hudson - Bass www.facebook.com/SpawnedFromHate http://spawnedfromhate.bandcamp.com All music & lyrics written by Spawned From Hate All music recorded by David Hudson & Lee Foley Mixed by Lee Foley Vocals recorded by James Walford at Rapture Audio www.raptureaudio.co.uk Cover Art ...
Keywords: Spawned; From; Hate; Withered; &; Decayed; and; Brutal; Death; Metal; Progressive; Technical; Birmingham; United; Kingdom; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 1,667 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]TFR205 - Izund - Decayed Rotten Dead - Izund
Izund - Decayed Rotten Dead 01 - Intro 02 - Torn 03 - Take Your Last Breath 04 - The Feast 05 - Necromaniac 06 - Peeling Your Flesh 07 - Disintegrating Your Stiff 08 - Vanished Izund http://www.myspace.com/izundalhussainsherif DOWNLOAD NOW Old-school brutal death metal one-man project from Egypt. Alhussain Sherif : All Instruments and Vocals Contact: inhumanhomicide@aol.com Released on Torn Flesh Records, 2011 www.myspace.com/tornfleshrecords www.archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords www.faceboo...
Keywords: Izund; Decayed; Rotten; Dead; Old-school; brutal; death; metal; one-man; project; from; Egypt; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 5,813
[image]Diadem with two gazelle heads

Keywords: Turquoise; Headbands; Gold; ca. 1479–1425 B.C; Egypt; Africa; Metal; Gold, carnelian, opaque turquoise glass, decayed crizzled glass; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Thebes; Glass; Upper Egypt; Carnelian; Costume; Crizzling; Diadems; Chalcedony
Downloads: 46
[movies]Tribal Medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha for Modern Diseases: Films by Pankaj Oudhia (Part-156 to Part-160) - Pankaj Oudhia
Indian states Chhattisgarh and Odisha are rich in Biodiversity. Pankaj Oudhia is documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and insects since year 1990. This series is an effort to present Herbal Wealth of these states through movies. There are over 15000 movies in this series.   Related Links Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines by Pankaj Oudhia https://archive.org/details/EncyclopediaOfTribalMedicinesByPankajOudhia Compilation of Pankaj Oudhia’s Research and Documentation work on ...
Keywords: Ethnobotany; Traditional Biological Knowledge; Tribal Medicines; Folk Remedies; Medicinal Plants of India; Raw Drugs; Biodiversity; Healing Flora; Adivasi Medicines; Traditional Knowledge Documentation; Teeth become loose and fall out in sycotic constitution; The gums separate from teeth; Pain in teeth worse from warm things and better from cold drink and cold air; Teeth deformed distorted- spotted decay early; Teeth cup-shaped in children; Violent pain in Teeth; Crawling in the roots of Teeth like a worm; Dental fistula; Gum boils; Abscess at the root of teeth; Wonder Drugs; Gums sensitive to cold air; Dental fistula with persistent bloody salty discharge; Teeth feel warm; Separation of gums from teeth; Teeth get loose; Spongy gums; Teeth decay rapidly; Bleeding from the gums; Pain from both heat and cold; Teeth become loose and decay the gums recede; Paramparik Gyan; Bleeding from the gums; Pain in decayed and broken molar in lower jaw especially left side; Toothache is relieved by sweets; Toothache is relieved by holding cold or ice water in the mouth; Toothache during pregnancy aggravated by cold and rest; Gets relief from Toothache by walking about; Dental Pain relived by holding cold water in the mouth or by walking in open air; Neuralgic toothache in pregnant women; The patient is thirstless and perspires heavily Worse form warn things and heat of room; Toothache aggravates by dipping hands in water; Medicinal Orchids; Washer-woman’s toothache; Toothache; Gum abscess; Swellings about the jaws; Difficult dentition; Toothache due to decayed teeth; Scorbutic gums; Premature decay of milk teeth; Teeth become yellow dark and then decay; Toothache is better by cold air or cold washing; Wild Healing Mushrooms; Enlarged feeling of tooth along with throbbing pain in teeth; Toothache; Teeth very sensitive; Pain on drawing the air against the teeth and on pressure of the tongue and of food; Teeth become loose; Drawing pain from the teeth extending to ear; Pain in teeth and lower left jaw with swelling; Coldness of the body; Pain in teeth and in the upper jaw bone; Gums swollen hot and tender; Medicinal Insects and Mites; Jumping toothache better by warm drink worse by touch or pressure on the teeth; Toothache during pregnancy; Toothache in hollow teeth; Dental Pain sometimes penetrates into the head Worse at night after eating and from cold water; Touching tooth with tongue causes pain as if nerves were torn better walking in open air; Gnawing pain in carious teeth after every meal; Pain in teeth by taking sweets or sweet fruits; Toothache relieved by holding cold water in mouth; Toothache while nursing the child; Toothache in a decayed molar tooth much aggravated from a crumb of bread coming into it; Traditional Knowledge about insects; Dental Pain aggravated by smoking tobacco; There is inflammation at the root of the decayed teeth; Pulsating toothache worse at night or in damp weather; Teeth feel elongated and sore Worse by cold or hot application; Toothache from hot food or drinks; Toothache with too-long too loose feeling; Unbearable pain affecting the whole row of teeth with pain radiating to ears and face; Toothache absent during the day and comes on at night as the patient gets into the warm bed; Toothache extending to eyes; Black crumbling carious exfoliating teeth very sensitive to touch and to cold drinks; Entomophagy; Toothache during menses; Gnawing at the roots of decayed teeth; Toothache in decayed teeth Worse by least touch; Toothache when there is shortage of calcium and loss of enamel on the teeth; Toothache if any food touches the teeth; Toothache extending to ears; Neuralgia of teeth gums and mouth worse at night; Toothache better pressing the teeth together; Toothache before and during menstruation during pregnancy; Pain on the left side of the face although the roots of the teeth are perfectly sound; Entomotherapy; Toothache worse from warmth and better from cold drinks and cold air; The gums separate from teeth; they get loose and fall out; Drawing and tearing pains in teeth from hot; cold or saltish food; Bleeding from the gums; spongy gums; Bleeding from teeth cleaning; Separation of gums from teeth; Whole row of teeth too long and very tender; Forest People; Toothache during early stages of pregnancy; Toothache appearing before or during thunderstorm; Tearing pains in carious teeth extending to the molar bone of the affected side; Painful jerks in decayed teeth from cold or cold water; Dental Pain worse by resting the head on pillow and relieved on raising the head; Bleeding from the teeth which decay and the gums recede; Teeth become loose; Tongue dry black with burning pain in the; evening; Sore feeling stitches worse at the tip of the tongue; Chhattisgarh Biodiversity; Tendency to induration whenever inflammations occur; Cancer of the tongue as if a hole has been bored through the centre to the swollen tongue with elevated and indurated margins; Cancer of the tongue with severe bleeding; Tumors indurations scirrhus or open cancers in Tongue with stinging burning pain; Tongue dry swollen; inflamed with inability to swallow cracked; sore; Tongue ulcerated or covered with vesicles; Cancer of the tongue; Tongue bluish or white ulcerated with blue color; Odisha Biodiversity; Tongue enlarged deep irregular ulcers nodular swellings; Mouth hot and dry with little thirst; Cancer of tongue Shows imprints of teeth; Painful cracks in corner of mouth; Painful pustules on upper surface or on right side of tip of tongue; Cancerous ulceration of right side of tongue; Lips and mucous membrane of mouth pale; Tongue dark with white coating; Metallic taste in the mouth; Tongue slightly coated like brownish fur; Medicinal Millets; Loss of taste; melancholy; Bitter taste in the mouth; sensation of dryness in mouth; loss of taste; tongue hard as leather and immovable; Suicidal tendency; Tongue flat; Bad taste in the mouth; Taste entirely lost; Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations; Redness; dryness and ulceration of the tongue; Tongue of light blue color; Urine strong smelling and highly colored; Tongue spongy on surface with deep cracks and with spreading ulcers; Ulcerated tumor on left side of the mouth; Ulcerated tumor on soft commissure of jaws; Ulcerated tumor behind last molar; Cracked and fissured tongue; Cancer or syphilitic tubercle of tongue; Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India; Semilateral swelling of the tongue; Excessive drowsiness; Falling asleep while at work; Headache with drowsiness or mental trouble with drowsiness; Tired feeling with desire to lie down; Medicinal Plant Database; Famine Food plants; Emergency herbs; Medicinal weeds; Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM); Flora of Bastar; Flora of Kanker; Flora of Raipur and Durg; Flora of Dhamtari; Flora of Bilaspur; Flora of Raigarh; Flora of Jashpur; Flora of Surguja; Flora of Rajnandgaon; Flora of Ambikapur; Flora of Korba; Flora of Keshkal; Flora of Sukma; Flora of Dantewada; Flora of Gandhamardan Hills; Flora of Orissa; Flora of Niyamgiri; Flora of Chhattisgarh; Flora of Odisha; Flora of Narsinghnath; Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh; Folk Healers of Odisha; Traditional Vaidyas of India; Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants; Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas; Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas; Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas; Traditional Medicinal Practices of India; Taste bitter; All food tastes bitter; There may be loss of taste; Want of taste in mouth; Tasteless saliva; Excessive thirst during perspiration; Caries and necrosis of teeth with loss of enamel; Unnatural looseness of teeth with or without pain; Teeth become loose in the sockets; When the teeth become black and have dark streaks through them and decay has commenced; Sensitiveness of teeth to least touch; Aching after eating or drinking; Milk teeth not fully grown and become black in spots and crumble away; Rapid decay and falling out of teeth; Teeth sore; Bleeding gums; The teeth turn black and decay as soon as they appear; Rapid caries of teeth; Fistula dentalis or lachrymalis; Teeth decay at the roots but crowns remain sound; Yellow teeth; Bleeding of gums; Painful nodosites on the gums; Teeth crumble and turn yellow; Teeth decay at the edge to the gums and break off; Teeth do not develop or appear; Teeth look filthy and almost green in color in children; Ailments due to cutting of wisdom teeth; Bleeding following tooth extraction and if the blood is bright red and profuse; Bleeding from dental sockets after operation; Teeth become discolored; Rapid decay; Elongated feeling in the teeth; Caries of teeth in rickety children; Teeth late in coming or decay soon; Teeth sensitive to touch or pressure; Caries of teeth in fatty children; Teeth do not appear or where they appear they are distorted; Ugly little crowns upon the teeth which are black; Teeth decay rapidly; Spongy gums bleed easily; Drawing and tearing pain in teeth form hot cold or saltish food
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